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5 Benefits Of Coffee | The Power Of Matcha, Chai Tea & Americanos

5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Coffee

If the first thing you think about when you wake up is your morning coffee, you’re certainly not alone. These days it seems as though we are all fuelled on caffeine and WiFi. Americans consume around 400 million cups of coffee a day, making the US one of the leading consumers of coffee in the world. While a cup of joe might help get you through your workday, have you ever considered the health benefits coffee holds? Well, as coffee experts ourselves, here are 5 incredible reasons to order a freshly brewed cup of coffee from our Richmond ice cream parlour today.

5 health benefits of drinking coffee.

1: Mental Clarity & Americanos

An Americano is one of our most popular coffee styles and can be enjoyed with sugar or milk. For serious coffee connoisseurs an Americano is best strong, dark and delicious. Whichever way you take your coffee, you should know that a daily Americano can help keep you alert, focused and on task. Research has found that caffeine helps to stimulate the brain and enhance performance. So, if you’re working hard or have an upcoming deadline to meet, treat yourself to an Americano and feel your mental energy increase.

5 health benefits of drinking coffee.

2: Matcha Tea & Antioxidants

The popularity of matcha tea has soared over the past couple of years, and you can now enjoy matcha as a tea, within a coffee or as a dessert. While it has a rich earthy taste, matcha also has plenty of health benefits too. High in antioxidants, drinking matcha tea will help to stabilize harmful free radicals in the body, which can damage cells and also contribute towards chronic disease. Matcha tea is said to enhance antioxidant activity in the body and lower your risk of several chronic diseases.

5 health benefits of drinking coffee.

3: A Cappuccino For Relaxation

Stress and anxiety can be detrimental to your health, so it’s important to invest time into relaxing during the day. One way to prioritize relaxation is to take a coffee break in the afternoon and enjoy a freshly made cappuccino. Studies have found that a standard cappuccino a day can significantly prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol as well as prevent heart problems. If that wasn’t enough, cappuccinos can also lower your risk of stroke by 20 per cent, as long as you don’t add sugar to your coffe

5 health benefits of drinking coffee.

4: Chai Tea Lattes & Digestion

Chai tea lattes feature fragrant, aromatic and spicy tea and are made with warm milk. A great alternative to coffee, if you order a chai tea latte from our ice cream parlour in Richmond, you will also benefit from a wide range of health benefits too. Able to reduce blood sugar levels, aid digestion and boost heart health, the next time you fancy a coffee, consider this little switch and unlock chai tea benefits while discovering this delicious warm and comforting drink.

5 health benefits of drinking coffee.

H2: 5: Espresso & Long-term Memory

A shot of coffee, known as an espresso is worth trying if you’re studying or want to improve your long-term memory. Neuro-scientist Michael Yassa, from the University of California found that drinking two espressos enhances the process of memory consolidation. Enjoy these benefits and a delicious treat by ordering an affogato. This traditional Italian dessert is made with a scoop of ice cream and a hot shot of espresso.


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