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5 Vegan / non-dairy ice cream flavors you need to try in 2021

5 Vegan Ice Cream Flavors You Need To Try In 2021

5 Vegan Ice Cream Flavors You Need To Try In 2021

Living a dairy-free lifestyle just got more delicious, thanks to our collection of delicious vegan desserts. At Sweet Spot Ice Cream Café in Richmond, VA, we have 40 flavors of vegan ice cream for you to taste. So whether you’ve been dairy-free for a while, or you’re a new vegan looking for a sweet treat to enjoy, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to dig-in to 5 mouth-watering vegan ice cream flavors that will indulge your sweet tooth without forcing you to go back to dairy. Plus, you can now order online at Sweet Spot Ice Cream Café and choose to pick up your vegan desserts or have them delivered to your doorstep.

So, here are 5 must-try vegan ice cream flavors to make the start of 2021 extra yummy!

1: Black Cherry Vegan Ice Cream

With a dark and creamy texture, many of our customers are shocked when they taste our Black Cherry vegan ice cream. Lovingly made with wonderfully sweet black cherries, this vegan dessert is the perfect grown up treat. Dig-in to a couple of scoops of Black Cherry, alongside a freshly made coffee from our ice cream shop and you’ve got yourself a seriously good snack!

2: Butter Pecan Vegan Ice Cream

Rich, indulgent and ever so nutty, our Butter Pecan vegan ice cream will beautifully melt in your mouth as you try to savor each spoonful. Best served over a warm slice of pie, this vegan ice cream flavor makes the perfect scoop after a long day at work. Able to lift your mood in an instant, go on...treat yourself this year!

3: To Die For Chocolate

If you consider yourself a bit of a chocoholic, going vegan can be very challenging. While avoiding dairy is difficult, finding a rich and delicious chocolate vegan dessert can be tricky. Thanks to our ice cream shop, you can now bring your chocolate dreams to life with a couple of scoops of To Die For Chocolate ice cream. This vegan ice cream will leave you puzzled, as it is not only rich but also intensely chocolatey too!

4: Strawberry Vegan Ice Cream

A classic ice cream shop flavor, strawberry ice cream is one of our all time favorites. But, new for 2021, you can now taste our vegan ice cream alternative. Soft scoops of strawberry goodness and with no dairy in sight, you’ve got to try our Strawberry vegan ice cream! Plus you won’t be breaking your New Year diet, since technically, it’s one of your five a day...right?

5: Mango Sorbet - Sunshine In A Scoop

Say hello to our vegan mango sorbet. If you’re missing the sun and travelling overseas, the next best thing is a sunshine scoop of ice cream. Give yourself a little treat after so many months of stress and uncertainty with our refreshing mango sorbet. The best way to lift your mood and embrace the new year.

If you can’t choose between these 5 mouth-watering vegan desserts, it’s time to get creative. Design your own vegan ice cream gourmet cone and add a little scoop of Butter Pecan with Black Cherry on the side. Or perhaps you’d prefer to top an energizing Affogato with a scoop of vegan chocolate ice cream? When it comes to desserts, you can be as creative as you’d like! So check out our online ice cream shop and order your very own vegan dessert creation today!


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